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Five Great Mediterranean Dishes to Make at Home

It seems Mediterranean food is back in the news, as it should be. As an author who writes about Mediterranean cuisines, I am often asked about my favorite cuisine and recipes. These are impossible questions, but heck let’s give it a shot. So here are my five greatest celebratory dishes of the Mediterranean. READ MORE

Eatin’ in Santa Barbara

A nice weekend getaway in Santa Barbara means–when you live in another “Santa” a hundred miles south–revisiting old favorites like La Super-Rica and discovering new places.  Well, we ate fabulously this weekend and did lots of walking so it was guiltless.  La Super-Rica is a funky little Mexican shack on Milpas St. and ignore negative […]

Origin of Risotto

Where did risotto originate?  In northern Italy in the fifteenth century, the Lombardy plains were cleared to establish rice fields.  The motivation for the clearing and reclaiming of the plains was simply the demand of the growing towns for food. That demand was met by budding capitalists who had the financial wherewithal to back the […]

Spanish Foods on the Web

If you’re a lover of the foods of Spain, then you must already have your secret list of internet web sites where you can find those essential Spanish products.  Here’s mine: Spanish Foods A very nice Spanish site offering products of the “Cerdo Iberico” especially pig products such as cured ham and shoulder. Although […]

Kale and Sausage Stew Video

Kale and Sausage Stew by Clifford A. Wright from ONE-POT WONDERS  

Discovering Newfoundland

In a cozy Newfoundland home, a sideboard filled with food I was about to try for the first time beckoned me. There was the jar of seal meat I was dying to try, and next to it was the moose pie. On the stove in a black Dutch oven was the fish stew with its […]

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