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Lobster Ravioli with Lobster Cream Sauce

Technically, one of my sons pointed out, we had not had lobster ravioli for the past twelve years on his brother’s Seri’s birthday because the ravioli was stuffed with homemade ricotta not lobster.  Only the sauce was lobster.  On Seri’s 14th birthday he specifically asked for lobster ravioli.  I have no memory how or why […]

Famous Foods of Iowa! No Kidding

I know that the title of this post sounds like a parody, but in researching the answer to the question “Does America have regional foods of note?” I came across the Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich when I was writing my latest book ONE-POT WONDERS. I wanted to find a pork dish from America’s heartland that […]

Broccoli Rabe: An Italian Treatment

Broccoli rabe is the new spinach, as one twentysomething, let-me-reinvent-the-wheel food blogger called it. Yeah, broccoli rabe is healthy, but if it doesn’t taste great no one will eat it. Let’s get rid of some confusion: READ MORE

Brussels Sprouts the Easy Way

A simple way with Brussels sprouts is griddled with a little olive oil and salt whereupon they resemble, in terms of satisfaction, popcorn.  Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and lay the cut side down on a preheated griddle or cast iron skillet with a light film of olive oil over medium heat.  Once all […]

Red Snapper and Shrimp on Florida’s Gulf

My mom lives north of Tampa on Florida’s Gulf coast and I visit once a year.  She is of a generation that thinks frozen food is the end all, but I can’t abide by frozen fish, especially not when there’s fresh fish right there.  I found a little local fish store in Hernando Beach near […]

Italian Food on the Web

Italian Foods on the Web If you’re a lover of Italian foods then you probably have plenty of fine sources for those hard-to-find ingredients on the web.  Here’s a few of mine that I use regularly.  I can name about ten products just off the top of my head that were all but impossible to […]

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