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Griddled Broccoli is the Best

One of the simplest ways–and one of the most delicious ways–to cook head forming members of the Cruciferae such as broccoli is to griddle them in a cast iron pan.  Not only do you keep all their nutrients you’re finished dish looks pretty and tastes even better.  When buying broccoli you’ll want to look for […]

Swiss Chard the Andalusian Way

Extolled for its large leaves, colorful stems and ruggedness, both as a plant and as a vegetable, Swiss chard surprisingly remains intimidating to some home cooks. READ MORE

Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival Delivers!

Luckily we arrived early for my talk on “Istanbul and Turkish Food during the Ottoman Empire” because the 2013 Anatolian Culture and Food Festival at the Orange County Fairground in Costa Mesa, California this weekend provided some extraordinary food to be eaten.  It was somewhat overwhelming, not only because of the food but because it […]

Oysters with Bacon, Jalapeno, and Truffle Cheese

Every once in a while as I’m filing or renaming photos of dishes, which I’ve assiduously been taking since my first digital camera, I come across a dish I’ve made that I don’t remember and that looks so delicious I’m compelled to make it again.  Such was the case with this photo of oysters with […]

Romanesco Cauliflower–Nature’s Geometric Vegetable

Romanesco cauliflower is one of the most beautiful vegetables in the vegetable kingdom, a kind of light green colored cauliflower that is a manifestation from nature of what is known in geometry as a Mandelbrot fractal, that is, a complex geometric shape that exhibits the property of self‑similarity, meaning that a small portion of it […]

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