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Chiles in the Pan

One of the most delightful of simple vegetable dishes is chiles cooked in a pan.  In particular, the shishito chile, also called a padron chile, is a small, wavy-skinned chile that can be eaten whole and plain without too much piquancy.  However, there’s a catch: for some reason about 1 in 10 is really hot […]

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

Bistecca alla Fiorentina Grilled Porterhouse Steak from Florence A classic preparation of Tuscan cuisine comes from the region around Florence, where a tall, lean, and heavy breed of cattle called Chianina is raised: a two-year-old might weigh 2,000 pounds.  But it is the steer between 14 and 16 months old that is used for this […]

Fava Bean Purée: Start the Party Differently

Fava beans are a spring vegetable with a short season. The good news is these versatile little wonders are about to be plentiful. READ MORE

Katmer, A Flaky Turkish Pastry

The number of food stands at the Anatolian Cultures and Food Festival in May at the Orange County Fairground in Costa Mesa, Calif., was a bit daunting because all the food looked wonderful and smelled even better. One of the longest lines was for the katmer, a baked flaky pastry stuffed with clotted cream, sugar, […]

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