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Heirloom Chile for Summer

One of my favorite heirloom chiles that is perfect for grilling or salads is the Corno di Toro cultivar.  It’s too late to plant for this summer but farmers markets will have them now and you can set aside some seeds for next year or you can order some seeds from Burpee. The name of […]

Grilled Bread before Grilled Food

Many times when I’ve got my grilling going I think “what a shame to let this fire burn unused after grilling food that only took 10 minutes to grill.”  So I usually like to grill something before the main food and perhaps grill the vegetables too and something afterwards.  I mean, you’ve got the grill […]

Seafood Rice Salad for a Midsummer Evening

Along the northern coast of Sicily in the province of Messina are some wonderful beach towns and one, San Gregorio, was where after a day of strenuous skin diving a meal al fresco was in order.  The local restaurant served this rice salad called riso al mare followed by grilled fish.  The restaurant used a few […]

Carrots and Dill

Summer eating begs for simplicity, seasonality, and coolness, that is, foods that explore the wide range of antipasto, salads, meze, and other foods served at room temperature.  One of my favorite dishes is ridiculously simple, a meze I once had in Greece of carrots serve with a variety of other meze.  In this case it’s […]

Try Griddled Cabbage

The vegetable bounty of summer should never leave one searching for recipes or wondering what to make. Keeping it simple often yields the best result. Take for instance a pan-roasted or griddled Savoy cabbage, that crinkly-skinned tender cabbage so popular with Italians. In the southern Italian region of Puglia, cavolo grigliata (griddled cabbage) is an […]

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