Chiles in the Pan

Chiles-Shishito chiles 1 One of the most delightful of simple vegetable dishes is chiles cooked in a pan.  In particular, the shishito chile, also called a padron chile, is a small, wavy-skinned chile that can be eaten whole and plain without too much piquancy.  However, there’s a catch: for some reason about 1 in 10 is really hot so it’s the Russian Roulette of the vegetable world.  That’s part of the fun.  I happen to very much enjoy that one in ten shishito.  Pan-fried shishito chiles is a perfect appetizer which you eat almost like popcorn.  Here’s what you do: heat up a cast iron skillet or carbon steel pan over medium-high heat.  Toss the chiles in a bowl with just enough olive oil to wet them, not soak them.  Into the skillet they go and you’ll cook until they are all blackening then remove and sprinkle with sea salt and there you are.

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