Cook-Coquus Arrives

Cook-Coquus simply means cook-cook, the first cook being English and the second cook (coquus) being the Latin nominative case for “cook.”

Clifford A. Wright

Clifford A. Wright

Cook-coquus will be the regular blogging face of Clifford A. Wright. That’s me. If you would like the archive of Cook-Coquus then please visit and if you would like to read my regular writing on food visit or click on the Zesterdaily navigation tab on top. If you already know my 14 cookbooks you’ll know that I write about food from the perspective of the culinary culture whence it emanates. I see food, cooking, and eating as–very simply–fun and you will not read here on this blog whether a food is “good” for you. All food is good for you. Or I should say foods are not good or bad for you, lifestyles are good and bad for you. Choose a good lifestyle, be happy, be kind, be open-minded and all the rest will follow and you will be able to eat whatever you want.

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