Eatin’ in Santa Barbara

Danish marzipan cake from Andersen's Santa Barbara

Danish marzipan cake from Andersen’s Santa Barbara

A nice weekend getaway in Santa Barbara means–when you live in another “Santa” a hundred miles south–revisiting old favorites like La Super-Rica and discovering new places.  Well, we ate fabulously this weekend and did lots of walking so it was guiltless.  La Super-Rica is a funky little Mexican shack on Milpas St. and ignore negative reviews on Yelp–go have fun.  I mean seriously, how wrong can you be with freshly made tortillas with melted cheese, chorizo, and bacon.  We had dinner at The Hungry Cat, which I can recommend.  We didn’t order boldly because we weren’t in the mood, but did have a very nice whelk ceviche, shaved thin cooked whelk meat with thinly sliced other stuff.  The hands down winner this weekend was the Danish marzipan cake had at Andersen’s on State St.  We ate this cake slowly and lamented we could not find such food in vegan-attacked Santa Monica with its diminishing culinary culture disappearing under the hands of the food police.

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