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Italian Foods on the Web Anchovies, salted can Agostino Recca

If you’re a lover of Italian foods then you probably have plenty of fine sources for those hard-to-find ingredients on the web.  Here’s a few of mine that I use regularly.  I can name about ten products just off the top of my head that were all but impossible to find just ten years ago, and today you hardly even have to find an obscure Italian market—it’s in your supermarket!  There’s plenty more sites worthy of being included in this list but this is a nice place to start. a must-visit source for all things Sardinian including food products such as fregula and pane carasau. Site of excellent San Francisco Bay area Italian products store A. G. Ferrari an excellent Boston-based purveyor of fine Italian cheeses, oils, and cured meats and salamis

The Olio & Olive Store: The Olio & Olive Store, a selection of excellent Italian extra virgin olive oils from different regions as you never tasted before.

Prodotti Tipici: A wide range of typical Italian food products from this Italian-only site.  If you read Italian it’s worth a look–even if you don’t read Italian, it’s fascinating.

Arthur Avenue: Arthur Avenue in the Bronx is the REAL Little Italy of New York.  This web site is a terrific introduction to an old and important community and its food.

Corti Brothers: Gourmet food and fine wine Italian grocery store.  The best source for rarer Mediterranean food products, especially Spanish and Italian.  Proprietor Darrell Corti is a true gastronomer whose abiding and deep love of the products of good cuisine is as knowledgeable as any you are likely to find.

Gustiamo: Gustiamo is probably the best of the Italian food product web sites offering very hard to find and unique products from olive oils to preserves to pasta.  This is the only web site that offers the famous products of maestro Corrado Assenza of the Caffe Sicilia in Noto, Sicily.

La Quercia: Prosciutto as good as that made in Italy…from Iowa!  That’s right, some of the most magnificent prosciutto, speck, coppa, guanciale, pancetta, and lardo you’ll ever taste.

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