Lobster Ravioli with Lobster Cream Sauce

Ravioli, lobster process (6) Technically, one of my sons pointed out, we had not had lobster ravioli for the past twelve years on his brother’s Seri’s birthday because the ravioli was stuffed with homemade ricotta not lobster.  Only the sauce was lobster.  On Seri’s 14th birthday he specifically asked for lobster ravioli.  I have no memory how or why he thought of it, but I’ve been making it ever since, celebrating his and his brother Ali’s birthday together.  (Incidentally, advice to couples thinking of having more than one child: try to group them so you only have to celebrate one birthday–you’ll save yourself a shitload of work).  I digress.  So I was required not only to make homemade ravioli but homemade ricotta too.  Over the years the birthday dinner became more extravagant until we reached Pantagruelian proportions.  Finally, this year Ali asked “why don’t I ever get a special meal.”  I answered “you never asked.”  So Ali asked that the lobster ravioli actually be stuffed with lobster.  I concocted a stuffing with the meat from four lobsters, 3/4 pound of milk-soaked homemade bread, an egg, and a little oregano, herbs de Provence, truffle oil, cayenne, paprika, salt and pepper.  I made 5 1/2 pounds of ravioli, which is a lot of work, plus I used 4 other lobsters for the sauce, along with fava beans, cream, white wine, and cognac and a little bit of lobster broth.  The ravioli themselves were cooked in a 3 gallons of broth made from the lobster shells and the pasta dough was made with saffron too.  It was a memorable party with many raving people.  Ali said “this has been taken to the next level.”  It had.  As usual the hilarity was exhilarating.

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