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Jamon Serrano at

Jamon Serrano at

If you’re a lover of the foods of Spain, then you must already have your secret list of internet web sites where you can find those essential Spanish products.  Here’s mine:

Spanish Foods A very nice Spanish site offering products of the “Cerdo Iberico” especially pig products such as cured ham and shoulder. Although they only ship to European Union countries, this is an interesting site to visit for lovers of cured hams.  In English and Spanish. The web site of an excellent California-based company selling Spanish products such as chorizo, sobrasada, jamón serrano, botifarra sausage, morcilla sausage, regional cheese, earthenware casseroles, paella pans of various sizes and Spanish paprika and saffron. Their products are both imported and homemade. I have ordered from them and am very pleased with their service and quality. This producer of a wide variety of Catalan style sausages, including numerous botifarra sausages, is based in Catalonia and caters to clients who are mostly retailers, but the site is quite interesting to visit and read about their pork products and it’s in English Spanish food products from a Spanish company.  A very good source for things Spanish.

The Spanish Table: The Spanish Table is 4-store company in the western U.S. with a superlative selection of carbon steel paella pans, covered earthenware cazuelas, ollas, and cocottes, as well as a very fine selection of Spanish cheeses, cold cuts, olive oils, vinegars and other foods.

Arnolds Sausages – Spanish sausages: Arnolds, a Brooklyn based company, sells a variety of Spanish chorizo and longaniza sausages that are otherwise hard to find. Spanish hams.

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