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Sunchoke Soup Demystifies Jerusalem Artichokes

Many cooks overlook the unusual vegetable called the Jerusalem artichoke, also known as the sunchoke. The best part of the sunchoke is the tuberous rhizomes that can be eaten raw or cooked. The tuber looks like a knobby potato and tastes similar to artichoke heart. The plant can grow 6 feet high in a sunny […]

Best Advice for German Food Starts with a Memory

German food can be quite inaccessible. Many people think of it as heavy or they aren’t sure exactly what it is beyond sausages and sauerkraut. But what’s wrong with starting off with sausages and sauerkraut, especially for a cold winter party? This all came to mind because of an old family photo I came across […]

Spicy Hot and Quick Breakfast

Breakfast often creeps up on me.  What I mean is that I’m not hungry when I get up and I nearly always assume I’m not eating breakfast.  Then…BOOM…I’m hungry and want a little something to eat, and not just toast and jam.  My solution for a quick-cooking breakfast is usually the assembly of either leftovers […]

Mac and Cheese, Its Origins

Since the Kraft Company put it in a box in 1937 every American kid grew up with macaroni and cheese. There can be no doubt that its ultimate origins are Italian, as one finds macaroni and cheese recipes from the late thirteenth century in southern Italy. The anonymous Liber de coquina, written in Latin by […]

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