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Down Home Turnip Greens, Italian Style

Mick Jagger nailed one problem with turnip greens when he sang “Down Home Girl” in 1964: Lord I swear the perfume you wear Was made out of turnip greens And every time I kiss you girl It tastes like pork and beans. The songwriters, Jerry Leiber and Artie Butler, were two Jewish boys from Baltimore […]

Can’t Beet the Flavor

Everyone is concerned about healthy food but sometimes this can lead to some silly ideas. One summer my friend, cookbook author and fellow Zester Daily contributor Martha Rose Shulman, submitted her piece on beets for her column called “Recipes for Health.” Her editor titled Martha’s story “Beets: The New Spinach.” We had a big […]

Mussel Memories Make a Great Appetizer

When I was a kid we would go to nearby Laurel Hollow on Long Island Sound and pick hundreds of mussels off the rocks throwing them into buckets to bring home.  I was only a teenager at the time and the way we cooked them was the only way we knew how.  A bunch of […]

Great Simple Dishes Simply

Everyone claims to want to cook simple food. As soon as we’re in the kitchen, things aren’t so simple. It’s actually hard to cook simple dishes because we cooks always want to fiddle or add things or just not stand around looking at “simple,” because simple doesn’t require much, that’s why it’s called simple. The […]

Cajun Oyster Stew

There are two oyster stews from Louisiana, Cajun-style and Creole.  The difference is that Creole cooking is typical of the city, that is, New Orleans and it is made with cream and milk.  Cajun-style is a country-style, that is, Bayou-style made not with cream but with a dark brown  roux.  This recipe is adapted from […]

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