Archives for April 2014

Leftovers Become Lobster Ravioli Pot Pie!

Somehow my youngest son years ago talked me into making lobster ravioli for his birthday every year.  Then his brother and sister got into the act.  Then their mother and so it becomes a big production.  It’s fun as we have an excuse for a ridiculous party every year in late April.  This year I […]

Syracuse on the Ionian and its Cuisine

The cooking of Syracuse, the beautiful classical city of Sicily on the Ionian Sea, is marked by highly aromatic foods in combination with fresh vegetables and seafood. This style of cooking is sometimes described as Baroque. The Baroque era in architecture, art, and music was a turning away from the ordered reality of the universe […]

Asparagus Spears for Dinner

This is the season for asparagus and if you’re lucky enough to have your own bed pick them when they are showing about four inches above the soil (three inches will remain below soil).  If you’re buying them in a store make sure they sit very cold or refrigerated or at least standing in a […]

Canned Tuna Reborn

Canned tuna is one of those great foods that is undervalued and underappreciated. You need to think of it as more than cat food for humans. Canned tuna is more than something you dump mayonnaise into for a sandwich. Canned tuna can be the basis for some impressive and noble dishes. You will need to […]

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