Griddle on the Grill

Griddled Bread You can grill just about anything that doesn’t fall through the grilling grate and with accessories like grilling baskets literally nothing.  Another trick is griddling–that is, putting a cast iron griddle or pan on the grate and then cook delicate foods, everything from bread to flaky fish fillets. I especially like to do this with flatbreads and pizzas too.  The flatbread is perfect because there’s no mess and it is ideal for when you want something to come off the grill for hungry people before you start grilling the sausages, steaks, or whatever.

It’s best to set the griddle on the grill once the ashes are white and to leave it there for at least 20 minutes of preheating.  The bread is going to cook fast so you will not want to wander away.  You don’t need to oil the pan either.  I like to brush the flatbread lightly with olive oil, butter, or duck fat once it comes off.  I place it on a cutting board and cut it into bite-size people for people to eat their morsels.  It’s all very primitive feeling and fun.

I usually make either bread dough or pizza dough following through with its proper rises and then flatten small balls of dough until about 1/2 inch thick and place them on the griddle.  Flip once and then serve.

You can have side accompaniments besides olive oil or butter.  A Greek yogurt dip–tzatziki–is nice as is a spicy hot chile dip.  Slices of cheese can be placed on top in the final minute of grillling as can rinsed anchovies, prosciutto, salami, sea salt and thin slivers of habanero chile.  You imagination is your guide.

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