Leftovers Become Lobster Ravioli Pot Pie!

A&S b-day-lobster ravioli pot pie (6) Somehow my youngest son years ago talked me into making lobster ravioli for his birthday every year.  Then his brother and sister got into the act.  Then their mother and so it becomes a big production.  It’s fun as we have an excuse for a ridiculous party every year in late April.  This year I decided to switch things up a bit because I needed to get rid of stuff in my freezer.  I went over the top and we had a great time.  I decided to make lobster ravioli pot pie.  However, it was a bit more than that.  The lobster ravioli was stuffed with a lobster and bread crumb filling.  I cooked them and set them aside.  I also cooked some frozen casonsei, a kind of beet ravioli from northern Italy that I had previously made.  I made a Bechamel sauce with milk, cream, wine, and lobster broth flavored with a little garlic and truffle oil.  Separately I pan-seared a halibut steak and pan-roasted some lobster tails with Marsala wine, took the meat out and added it to the Bechamel along with the fish.  Then I boiled the two ravioli along with fava beans and then transferred both to a large casserole with the Bechamel.  This mixture was then flavored with anisette, just a little.  Finally I divided the mixture into individual 6-inch earthenware casseroles and covered each with puff pastry and baked it at 400 degrees F.  It was pretty amazing and I’ll probably never make it again.

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