Sicily’s Eggplant Ceviche for Summer

wright-eggplantseviche1-580x385 The end of summer offers the cook a wealth of sparkling fruits and vegetables for culinary transformation. One of my favorite dishes this time of year is a Sicilian preparation called mulinciana a schibecci, or eggplant ceviche.

I don’t make this often because it’s labor intensive, but when I do I make a good amount because it can be eaten as an antipasto, on top of pasta, smeared on a toasted square of bread, or on top of pizza. For me, this dish captures an essential Mediterranean taste, one you will not forget.

If you know caponata, you will recognize this preparation as they are in the same family.

You probably know of ceviche as the famous appetizer of lime-marinated raw fish. I once read that it was introduced to the United States from Peru by restaurateurs.

But ceviche is nothing but a Mediterranean method of preserving raw fish. The Spanish word ceviche and the Sicilian word schibecci both derive from the older Spanish escabeche, a word that means “marinated fish.” READ MORE

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