Spicy Hot and Quick Breakfast

Tortilla with Havarti and Habanero

Tortilla with Havarti and Habanero

Breakfast often creeps up on me.  What I mean is that I’m not hungry when I get up and I nearly always assume I’m not eating breakfast.  Then…BOOM…I’m hungry and want a little something to eat, and not just toast and jam.  My solution for a quick-cooking breakfast is usually the assembly of either leftovers or items in the refrigerator that are either expiring soon or of which there is very little.  So when I made this particular breakfast it was an utter surprise at how good tasting it was.  And of course how easy it was–that’s key: it’s got to be easy because after all it’s just me.  I’m not providing a recipe because I can just tell you what to do as the amount you use will depend on what you have and how hungry you are.  You’ll need two corn tortillas, some shredded havarti cheese, a little thinly slivered fresh habanero chile, Tapatio sauce, or your favorite Mexican-style hot sauce, and some sour cream.  Grease a pan with olive oil, vegetable oil, or pork lard and lay a tortilla down.  Cover with the havarti cheese and habanero then lay the second tortilla on top, press down slightly, and turn the heat to medium and cook until crispy golden, like the photo, turn once and continue cooking them transfer to a plate, drizzle the Tapatio sauce and garnish with a dollop of sour cream.  (If you want you can scramble an egg and stick it in there too).  Anyway, there you are.  Breakfast in about 5 minutes.

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