Baked Spanish Rice Do-it-Yourself

Rice with Meatballs, Chorizo, Bacon and Shishito Chiles (2) Most people think a Spanish rice dish is called paella. But paella is just one kind of Spanish rice dish and in fact a paella is cooked in a paella, the name of the large metal pan used to cook the dish over a burner, and not in a casserole. In Spain, a baked rice dish, of which there are hundreds of varieties, are oven-baked casseroles generically called arroz al horno (oven-baked rice). They can contain any number of ingredients and can be made in any number of ways however the basic idea is a foundation is cooked and then the rice is added and then the spices and other ingredients are added and it is baked for about 35 minutes.

The photo shows a baked rice dish with meatballs, bacon, chorizo sausage, and shishito chiles. I didn’t write down what I did but you probably can reconstruct it by examining the photo. Here’s what I probably did: Heated some olive oil in the casserole with onion, garlic, Spanish-style chorizo bilbao sausage, shishito chiles and diced slab bacon. Those meatballs look like IKEA-bought Swedish meatballs—which I’ve been known to keep in my freezer. Let’s assume they are, so I probably cooked them at the same time until golden brown. Then medium grain rice was added and stirred so everything was coated. At that point I guess dried thyme, hot paprika, salt, and the lima beans were added, the water poured in—in a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part rice—and then it was placed in a 375 degree oven until all the water was absorbed and the rice tender, probably 35 minutes.  Or maybe I cooked it stovetop?  Oh well, that will teach me to write this stuff down.
This is easily replicated without a recipe. Just do it.

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