4 Easy Seafood Canapes for New Year’s Eve

Fish and Arugula Canape (1)

Canape with Fish and Arugula

If you are throwing a small New Year’s Eve party, say for twelve people or less, one dilemma faced is what food to serve. The drinks are no problem since we all know champagne will be drunk. But food is another matter. It’s key that you, the host, does not find themselves stuck in the kitchen preparing last minute food. And how to eat is another matter. Presumably you are not having a sit down dinner therefore finger food is essential. The easiest of finger foods are canapes. You can create little meals atop slices of bread and they usually can be eaten in one bite. They’re perfect for New Year’s Eve. Here are 4 seafood-based canapes that I think your guests will enjoy.

Canape of Sardine and Avocado

Canape with Sardine and Avocado

None of these require recipes as there is no cooking involved, it’s just getting slices of baguette and topping them with the varied ingredients. The smoked eel one described below is an unexpected favorite, however smoked eel seems curiously hard to find outside of a deli or Japanese market, so that’s where you’ll have to go.

The canape fish and arugula is made with leftover cooked fish. Red snapper works fine. Simply cook the fillet in a pan with a little olive oil and once it’s cool break it up. The canape is toasted and drizzled with just a little olive oil and then you lay thee raw arugula leaf and fish piece on top and season slightly with salt.

Eel Canape (1)

Canape of Smoked Eel

The canape with sardine and avocado is ridiculously easy to make. Slice of baguette, then spread a little mashed avocado and then a single canned sardine in olive oil. That’s it.

The canape of eel requires a rectangle of black bread that is lightly toasted. Spread some horseradish cream or sauce on top and then lay a piece of smoked eel and garnish with fresh dill.

The canape with smoked trout is a bit more complicated, but that only requires patience not skill. Spread the slice of baguette with some mascarpone cheese, them place a piece of smoked trout, a piece of cooked bacon, a caper, and a little piece of lemon zest.
That’s all there is to it.

Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone Canapes (1)

Canape of Smoked Trout and Mascarpone

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