Simple Cast Iron Cooking: Lamb and Broccoli

You can safely say that I’ve gone cast iron crazy ever since my Cooking with Cast Iron class was produced for Craftsy. Griddled Lamb and Broccoli (2)   Sure I’ve owned and used plenty of my cast iron cookware over the years, but since March I hard put my skillet away and just leaf it stovetop cooking all kinds of things in it.  All it needs is a wipe clean and I use it again.  In my latest venture I had bought a head of broccoli for another purpose for which it didn’t get used.  I also had a nice little round of lamb sirloin that the butcher had tied up and I thought “lamb and broccoli” sounds nice.  So I preheated the skillet over high heat and ran my exhaust range hood at full blast.  I placed the broccoli florets (I keep the stems separate for snacking purposes) in a bowl and tossed them with olive oil and salt then lay them down in the skillet.  I swished the the lamb in the remaining oil and lay that down too in the center of the skillet.  And that’s it.  I cooked everything 7 minutes, and removed the lamb at 6 minutes.  I wish I could tell you more to do, but that’s it.  It’s that simple.  And the taste is one of the most satisfying you’ll have. Griddled Lamb and Broccoli (5)

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