Easy Summer Party Appetizers Are Canapes

Canape of Salmon Caviar (1)

Canape of Salmon Caviar

The canape is such a perfect solution to party food appetizers and yet too often entertainers drop a bag of chips in a bowl instead. I wrote about canapes for New Year’s Eve and thought it was time to revisit the topic for the summer.  Canapes are easy, but are best when made close to serving time, so that might be a limiting factor to the time-sensitive entertainer. A canape is just an open-faced little sandwich and their possibilities are only limited by your imagination. These suggestions below are some very easy ones that require nothing but assembly and no cooking.  One could of course make them as involved as you want.

To start, the canape of salmon caviar pictured above is nothing but spooning some salmon caviar on top of a slice of baguette.  That’s all and it never disappoints.

Canape of Sardine and Avocado

Canape of Sardine and Avocado

The canape of sardine and avocado is nothing but a can of oil-packed sardines laid upon the canape with a thin sliver of avocado.  Maybe you will scratch your head about what that tastes like and I can assure you–delicious.

Canape of Smoked Duck and Mascarpone (1)

Canape of Smoked Duck and Mascarpone Cheese

The canape of smoked duck and mascarpone is made with store-bought smoked duck which I can usually find at better supermarkets and some gourmet food shops.  Slice it thin and place on top of a bread slice with a thin smear of mascarpone.

Crostini of Crab and Asparagus (2)

Canape of Crab and Asparagus

The canape of crab and asparagus also used store-bought ingredients: canned asparagus which is very tender and melts in your mouth and either canned crab meat or, preferably, crab meat bought from a seafood store.

All these canapes are simply perfect for a hot summer evening party.

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