Eggs in the Middle

Egg with Chickpeas and White Beans When you cook for yourself it understandably stays simple.  That doesn’t mean it has to be boring though.  And surely one of the meals that the cook is truly unlikely to put much effort into–much less cook over, say, pouring themselves a bowl of cereal–is breakfast.  However, I am finding myself cooking breakfast for one more often these days.  Part of that is because I find some leftovers that beg for an egg in the middle.  The first one is the eggs cracked in the middle of some previously cooked chickpeas and white beans.  I put the leftover chickpeas in a nonstick pan to warm up first, then made a little space in the center where I cracked the egg to cook without any more stirring, then just slide everything out into a bowl.  Sometimes I just like plain ole eggs and ham.  Especially when the ham was some artisan-produced fine ham that was sublime and heads and shoulders above any ham you’ve bought at a supermarket saturated with its salt and water.  Eggs and Ham (1) The easiest is probably the eggs with frying cheese.  I normally buy this kind of cheese in Middle Eastern markets, where it might be called jubna baida (white cheese), Syrian cheese, or Nabulsi cheese.  Where I live in California, these cheeses are actually produced in state.  There are some Mexican cheeses you can find in supermarkets which will work as well and there are some cheeses that actually say “frying cheese” on the label.  Cut the cheese in 1/4-inch-thick slices and fry them in a pan with only a film of olive oil until they are done.  That’s it.  The egg can be cooked in the same pan too.  A little strained yogurt goes nicely with it.  Strained yogurt is called labna or yogurt cheese, and some years acquired the moniker “Greek yogurt” which is odd since although the Greeks eat yogurt they are not known for eating labna. Egg with Frying Cheese

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