Pizza at Home is not as Crazy as it Sounds

Pizza with Mushrooms (2) I’ve gone pizza crazy lately.  And I mean pizza at home.  In fact, I simply can’t find a pizza as good as what I make at home.  The key to already have the dough ready to go.  This I do buy making a batch, dividing it up and just keep it frozen until the morning of the day I think I want pizza.  Then as far as topping–I stay pretty traditional although innovative.  What I mean, is that chili con carne DOES NOT go on top of my pizza.  I divide pizza dough into 1-pound pieces that can be frozen.  This then becomes two 14-inch pizzas which is perfect for four people.

My topping combinations usually stick closely with what’s in the fridge.  It might be onions and pancetta, or Swiss chard and provolone, or red bell pepper and anchovies, or ham and mozzarella, or curly endive, raisins, and pine nuts, or guanciale (cured pork jowl), spinach and roasted garlic and the list goes one–endlessly it turns out which is why pizzas are so great.

My latest (last night) was a brown mushroom pizza with young red spring onions.  I sauteed the sliced mushrooms first in olive oil aand then finished them with garlic and parsley.  Set the oven at 500 degrees F.  Lightly oil the rolled out pizza, spread the sauteed mushrooms on top, sprinkled the thinly sliced young red spring onion on top of that and then arranged the cheese.  Unfortunately I didn’t remember what cheeses I had, but remember they were both Alpine cheeses, probably fontina Val d’Aosta and tomme de Savoie.  On top of that went some freshly chopped fennel leaves I grabbed from a wild fennel plant down the street.  I bake it for 10 minutes.  Terrific.


  1. I have found that leaving my dough out all day adds a lot of air bubbles into it which is very desirable as it makes the crust light and airy and there are no dense (hard to digest) parts. I flour the counter and after being out all day a 1lb dough is extremely easy to stretch to a 16′ pie. I use a Teflon pizza pan with holes in it and have the preheated oven on either 500 or 525 …takes about 7 minutes. If in a hurry and my dough is still a bit cold I will oil it and press it in a pan and opt for a grandma style or Italian bakery style square slice/rectangle pie.

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