Soul-satisfying Baked Rigatoni for a Cold, Blustery Day

On a cold blustery day, my kitchen beckons and I look forward to spending the day assembling this baked rigatoni dish. I imagine you’ve looked at the ingredient list and maybe thought “no way.” I suggest you think like a cook who sees the list and thinks “Look at that ingredient list! Isn’t it great? […]

Famous Foods of Iowa! No Kidding

I know that the title of this post sounds like a parody, but in researching the answer to the question “Does America have regional foods of note?” I came across the Iowa Pork Tenderloin Sandwich when I was writing my latest book ONE-POT WONDERS. I wanted to find a pork dish from America’s heartland that […]

Cook-Coquus Arrives

Cook-Coquus simply means cook-cook, the first cook being English and the second cook (coquus) being the Latin nominative case for “cook.” Cook-coquus will be the regular blogging face of Clifford A. Wright. That’s me. If you would like the archive of Cook-Coquus then please visit and if you would like to read my regular […]

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