Colorful Summer Salads Make the Most of Heirlooms

Think of the platter as a palette, and your vegetables as swaths of paint that fill in the color of the canvas. This is what every August provides as our tomato plants and other garden vegetables are going crazy and this means we should be thinking colorful salads. This is both an appetizing and beautiful […]

Asparagus Spears for Dinner

This is the season for asparagus and if you’re lucky enough to have your own bed pick them when they are showing about four inches above the soil (three inches will remain below soil).  If you’re buying them in a store make sure they sit very cold or refrigerated or at least standing in a […]

Great Simple Dishes Simply

Everyone claims to want to cook simple food. As soon as we’re in the kitchen, things aren’t so simple. It’s actually hard to cook simple dishes because we cooks always want to fiddle or add things or just not stand around looking at “simple,” because simple doesn’t require much, that’s why it’s called simple. The […]

Chiles in the Pan

One of the most delightful of simple vegetable dishes is chiles cooked in a pan.  In particular, the shishito chile, also called a padron chile, is a small, wavy-skinned chile that can be eaten whole and plain without too much piquancy.  However, there’s a catch: for some reason about 1 in 10 is really hot […]

Griddled Broccoli is the Best

One of the simplest ways–and one of the most delicious ways–to cook head forming members of the Cruciferae such as broccoli is to griddle them in a cast iron pan.  Not only do you keep all their nutrients you’re finished dish looks pretty and tastes even better.  When buying broccoli you’ll want to look for […]

Romanesco Cauliflower–Nature’s Geometric Vegetable

Romanesco cauliflower is one of the most beautiful vegetables in the vegetable kingdom, a kind of light green colored cauliflower that is a manifestation from nature of what is known in geometry as a Mandelbrot fractal, that is, a complex geometric shape that exhibits the property of self‑similarity, meaning that a small portion of it […]

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