Early Fall Cast Iron Skillet Dish

Early fall in New England where I lived for 15 years is certainly different than early fall in southern California where I live now.  The leaves turned to their gold, auburn, and red hues while the weather was a bit cooler.  In southern California it can still be hot in the early fall and we […]

Simple Cast Iron Cooking: Lamb and Broccoli

You can safely say that I’ve gone cast iron crazy ever since my Cooking with Cast Iron class was produced for Craftsy.   Sure I’ve owned and used plenty of my cast iron cookware over the years, but since March I hard put my skillet away and just leaf it stovetop cooking all kinds of […]

Brussels Sprouts the Easy Way

A simple way with Brussels sprouts is griddled with a little olive oil and salt whereupon they resemble, in terms of satisfaction, popcorn.  Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and lay the cut side down on a preheated griddle or cast iron skillet with a light film of olive oil over medium heat.  Once all […]

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