Peruvian Chile Sauce to Blow Your Head Off

Ají amarillo, also called ají mirasol, is the “yellow chile” of Peru, their most common chile (Capsicum baccatum var. pendulum) that can grow to about five-inches long and is of a medium-hot pungency. There are two main types, the kellu-uchu (ají amarillo cusqueño) and the puca-uchu (uchu is the Quecha word for chile in Peru). […]

Heirloom Chile for Summer

One of my favorite heirloom chiles that is perfect for grilling or salads is the Corno di Toro cultivar.  It’s too late to plant for this summer but farmers markets will have them now and you can set aside some seeds for next year or you can order some seeds from Burpee. The name of […]

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