Joy of Simple Fish

The easiest way to cook a firm fleshed fish is on the griddle. One could use halibut, mahimahi, catfish, salmon, swordfish, monkfish, grouper, yellowtail and a host of others. When I say a griddle, I mean a flat (not ridged) cast iron pan which is what we call a griddle. They are made in long […]

Griddle on the Grill

You can grill just about anything that doesn’t fall through the grilling grate and with accessories like grilling baskets literally nothing.  Another trick is griddling–that is, putting a cast iron griddle or pan on the grate and then cook delicate foods, everything from bread to flaky fish fillets. I especially like to do this with […]

Brussels Sprouts the Easy Way

A simple way with Brussels sprouts is griddled with a little olive oil and salt whereupon they resemble, in terms of satisfaction, popcorn.  Cut the Brussels sprouts in half and lay the cut side down on a preheated griddle or cast iron skillet with a light film of olive oil over medium heat.  Once all […]

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