Oyster Heaven, A Simple Recipe with a Big Bang

Every now and then I get an urge for a particular taste–almost the way pregnant woman get an urge for a particular, and sometimes weird, taste.  This is how this recipe came about.  I wanted oysters and I wanted them creamy and I wanted them hot. I had several Hood Canal Pacific oysters leftover from […]

Oysters Forever

In “For Your Eyes Only,” British super-spy James Bond informs us that the best things in America are chipmunks and oyster stew. We can understand oyster stew on many levels, including its aphrodisiac properties. Like Bond, a gentleman should know how to open oysters for his girl. And a girl should know how to eat […]

Oysters with Bacon, Jalapeno, and Truffle Cheese

Every once in a while as I’m filing or renaming photos of dishes, which I’ve assiduously been taking since my first digital camera, I come across a dish I’ve made that I don’t remember and that looks so delicious I’m compelled to make it again.  Such was the case with this photo of oysters with […]

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